Growing Your Audience

 You are your own best marketer. The best way to bring people to your broadcast is by making sure that they know about it. 


Step 1: Try to set a consistent schedule

  • The more consistent you are with your live streams, the more likely your fans will know when to pop into YouNow to catch your broadcasts. Think about it, there’s a reason Game of Thrones didn’t switch up it’s broadcast time every week... 
  • Think about your personal schedule, and then decide how much time you can commit to broadcasting. The most important thing is to be true to yourself and set a streaming schedule that you can and want to sustain. 
  • Post your schedule in your bio. This way, the YouNow community will quickly learn when they can catch your broadcast. 

Step 2: OMG, tell everyone you know!


  • Let your friends, family, and other people in your network know when you’ll be live. 
  • Life is busy. It’s easy to forget things. So, shoot out a text, email friends and family, add a post to your story on Instagram, and/or send out a Tweet 30 minutes before showtime. 
  • Remember: include your username and a link to your YouNow profile, so your friends know how to find you. 


During your broadcast

  • After you name your broadcast, let your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube know you are going live! By clicking on the different icons, you will be able to share your stream with your friends, asking them to join the party.


  • Encourage your viewers to spread the word! Anyone watching can invite their network to join the fun, by simply clicking the “share” button. People helping people is a sure-fire way to expand your audience.


  • Before you end your broadcast, let your viewers know when you will be live again, and what treats you might have in store. This will motivate them to join you again, and get them excited for round II. 


  • Follow up with your supporters. Feel free to post on your viewers’ profiles to let them know you appreciate their support and remind them when you’re scheduled to go live next. 



Untitled_design.pngPro tip: Try to make your follow-up post personal. Personable comments and shout outs can go a long way. A new fan might remember this, and be even more excited about joining your next stream.