Safety on YouNow

Your safety is our top priority at YouNow. The internet can be a scary place, but we’re here to make sure you know how to build a positive and supportive online community, while ensuring you feel protected, supported, and secure. 


Step 1: For your own protection, please adhere to YouNow’s Community Guidelines


Step 2: Protect yourself and your private information. 

-Separate your virtual and personal identities. 

-Never share your personal address or phone number!

Untitled_design.pngPro tip: Nothing ever gets deleted off the internet. Be cautious of the information you share with your viewers. 


Step 3: Use YouNow tools to help keep your broadcasts safe.

  • Blocking: Block any user from posting on your profile or interacting in your broadcasts.


  • Reporting: Flag content that you believe violates YouNow's terms of service or community guidelines, or puts any member of the community at risk. This action will notify a moderator who will review the situation and take action immediately.


  • Silencing: If you’re broadcasting, you have the ability to silence a specific user from participating in the chat. Silencing only lasts for the duration of that broadcast.


  • Appoint a trusted broadcast referee: If you want to focus on your performance during your broadcast, you have the ability to assign a broadcast referee. Referees will have the ability to silence users for you, so you can focus on your live stream. 



How to appoint Permanent Referees

-Select and manage permanent broadcast referees that will not be reset once the broadcast ends. 

-Assign a Permanent Referee: During the broadcast, select a user in the chat or audience list and open their more actions drop down to select ‘Assign as Permanent Referee’.

assign_referee_in_room.png.             assign_referee_stream.png


-If you are not currently broadcasting, assign someone by finding their profile, opening their more actions drop down and selecting ‘Assign as Permanent Referee’. 


assign_referee_setting.png.          assign_referee_on_profile.png


-Permanent Referee Filter: If you have referees live in your broadcast (Temporary or Permanent), the Referee filter will appear on web, iOS and android audience lists. This allows you to quickly view and manage referees in your broadcast. Only you see the referee filter.


-Manage your Permanent Referees in Settings: You can manage your Permanent Referees in the Permanent Referee list in your Settings page.