Engage with your audience


We love an interactive show.  Your audience has tuned in to get to know you - so give the people what they want! Use your stage to connect with the community. 

  1. Broadcasting is a great way to turn fans into friends. And unless you’re one of those #nonewfriends folks, let’s just go with hell yeah. 
  2. Broadcasters who actively engage their audiences are more likely to grow their fanbases, earn likes, and eventually become Partners on YouNow.    

Part 1: Chat with your audience.

  • Introduce yourself.  Your awesome energy will set the tone. 
  • Slow down! Remember to speak clearly and loudly, and at a pace that your viewers can understand.
  • Give your audience your full attention. Airplane mode is your friend.
  • Ask your audience questions, and answer theirs in return. Here are some good questions you might ask your viewers: 
    • How was your day?
    • What advice can I share with you?
    • What's on your Netflix list? 


These are just a few examples of the infinite questions you might ask your audience. The more your fans participate, the more exciting your broadcast will be and the more your audience will grow. 


Part 2: Invite a guest. Have up to three guests broadcast with you. Your fans can request to come on to your stage by raising their hand. Simply drag their icon under your screen and boom! Conversations come more naturally when speaking face-to-face. 



Untitled_design.pngPro tip: Be yourself. Authenticity will make your broadcast unique and magnetic. Don’t try to be Beyonce or LeBron. You do you, and you’ll do great.

Untitled_design.pngPro tip: Be thoughtful when asking your questions. Listen so that you can understand and build connections, rather than just to respond.