Likes Battles

Likes battles are fun for fans and broadcasters alike, allowing streamers to interact with their YouNow subscribers and fans in a whole new way. Engaging in Likes Battles encourages community, and invites friendly competition into live streaming.


What are Likes Battles?

Likes Battles are virtual competitions between two streamers. On YouNow, a battle is a timed event in which two streamers connect with fans and compete for likes, similar to 'PK Battles' on other platforms. Viewers support their favorite streamers and send them gifts—which equate to likes. The broadcaster with the most likes when time runs out, wins!


How To Compete in a Likes Battle

  • To start a Likes Battle, you must be on-stage in a broadcast, either as the broadcaster or as a guest. If you are, simply SELECT Likes Battle from the Activity Menu below the chat.


  • A notification will pop-up asking if you would like to start a Likes Battle. CLICK yes!


  • A broadcaster can only battle with one guest per battle.

  • When the battle begins a timer will appear, and the broadcaster and guest will compete for likes until the time runs out.

  • To send likes to either the broadcaster or guest, select their screen on stage and send them a gift. Their likes will be updated in real-time in the Likes Battle talley bar so you can see who’s winning.


  • Likes Battles are designed to be fun and entertaining. When hyping up your audience and earning likes, be engaging and bring your best content. And please keep in mind that our community guidelines still apply.

  • At the end of a battle, the winner—and the winner’s top supporters from the battle—will be announced. May the bragging right henceforth be theirs!


Frequently asked questions about Likes Battles

Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions to help you best navigate this feature:

  1. How many users can battle each other at a time? 

    Two; a broadcaster and a guest.

  2. Do users get to keep the likes they get if they lose? 

    Yes. Regardless of who wins, both players keep the likes they earn during the battle.

  3. What happens if a player leaves the broadcast during a Likes Battle? 

    If the broadcaster hosting the Likes Battle accidentally leaves the broadcast, they have up to 60 seconds to return before the broadcast and the Likes Battle are ended. If the guest leaves the broadcast, then the Likes Battle will end automatically.

  4. Are Likes Battles similar to PK battles? 

    Yes, Likes Battles on YouNow are similar to PK battles on other platforms. Both are live streaming competitions between two players. 

  5. Who is able to start battles in a stream? 

    A Likes Battle can be initiated by either the host or the guest. If you want to battle CLICK yes—if not, CLICK no. 

  6. How are supporters recognized during battles?

    The top three supporters for each player will appear on opposing sides of the Likes Battle talley bar during the battle.  At the end of the battle, a notification will appear announcing the top supporters for the winner.

  7. What happens after a Likes Battle has ended?

    When the Likes Battle has ended, a notification will popup congratulating the winner and their top supporters, and the regular broadcast will resume. 


  1. What are the benefits of winning a Likes Battle?

    In addition to bragging rights :) Likes Battles are a great way for creators to try various forms of content with their fans and others. They are also a fun way to bring your community together and let everyone know how strong the bond is within your fam.

  2. How can streamers let fans know when they are going to battle?

    There are many ways to let fans and subscribers know that you plan on having a likes battle in your stream. Broadcast under hashtag #likesbattle (not required), announcing it in your broadcast description, and posting to your YouNow profile (and your other social profiles) are just a few ways.

  3. I’d like to #likesbattle another broadcaster, how do I get my fans to come support me?

    You wouldn’t want to go into #likesbattle alone :) If you’re already on the broadcast, invite your fans before you challenge the broadcaster. Or better yet—gather your fans in your own broadcast and !raid the broadcaster you want  to battle. But you should probably make sure the other broadcaster is up for a #likesbattle first, as they’ll need to both guest you into their broadcast, and accept your battle request.