Treasure Chest


The Treasure Chest is a tool for broadcasters to reward their audience for participating in their broadcast. 

As audience members send likes, the chest will fill with experience points (EXP). 

When the broadcaster is ready they can decide to open the Treasure Chest and distribute the EXP to their audience.

The Treasure Chest is currently only available for broadcasters level 80 or higher.



Opening the Treasure Chest

  • If you are a broadcaster over level 80 and have received more than 500 likes you can open the Treasure Chest by tapping on it and clicking Open.
  • Once the chest is opened, your audience will have a short time when they must also tap the chest to become eligible for their reward. 
  • If the Treasure Chest is grey, it means that it is inactive and is not able to be opened. 
  • The EXP in the chest are provided by YouNow. The more likes sent during the broadcast, the more Props we’ll add to the chest!
  • You are not required to open the Treasure Chest during the broadcast and can build it up over multiple broadcasts if you wish. 

  • We recommend opening the chest when you have a large audience so that more of your fans get rewarded for their contribution.

  • There is no maximum amount of EXP the Treasure Chest can hold, and the EXP within the chest cannot expire.
  • You can open multiple Treasure Chest in the same without broadcast and there is no limit on how many chests you can open in a broadcast. It’s completely up to you!

Earning from a Treasure Chest Opening

  • Once the chest is opened, you will have a short time to tap the chest to become eligible for your reward.
  • The more you have engaged in the broadcast, the more EXP you will be rewarded.
  • You can increase your engagement score by chatting, sharing and sending likes.