Bar Giveaway

FAQs - Bar Giveaways 


How do I start a Bar Giveaway? 

Streamers or supporters can start bar giveaways. Supporters can navigate  to the gifts tray and start giveaways there. The Bar-Giveaway will be the first item in the Gift-Tray unless a sale is in progress. Streamers can start through the Giveaway Tool.




You will then choose the amount of Bars and the amount of winners for your Bar Giveaway. Please note that if you do not have enough Bars in your account to match your selection, you will not be able to start the giveaway. Once you have made your selections, you will be able to set your Bar Giveaway Live.




How do I end my Bar Giveaway?

The Broadcaster hosting the Bar Giveaway can decide when to end the Giveaway (after a 5 minute minimum duration), at which point winners will be selected at random.  Please note that you must have a minimum of 10 participants to end your giveaway and draw the winners.




If the broadcast ends before the broadcaster manually ends the Giveaway, the Giveaway will be automatically cancelled and the Bars will be returned to the broadcaster’s account.


UPDATE: the Giveaway will automatically draw winners after 30 minutes. If your audience is not big enough, the Giveaway will be cancelled and the Bars will be returned to your account. 


How do I participate in a Bar Giveaway?

Once a Broadcaster whose broadcast you are currently in initiates a Bar Giveaway, a popup will appear on your screen. You can chose to participate in the Bar Giveaway, or decline.





You must still be in the Broadcast when the Broadcaster ends the Giveaway to be eligible to win. 


Automatic Trigger

Each bar giveaway will have varying time triggers that can be set and activated automatically instead of by the streamer. 


  • The 1000 bar giveaway  will automatically be triggered after 5 minutes
  • The 2500 bar giveaway will automatically be triggered after 15 minutes
  • Any package after 2500 bar package can be triggered after 30 minutes