Introducing Diamonds




Go Live and Earn. 

We are proud to announce that anyone who broadcasts on YouNow can earn money when they go live. We believe that all creativity should be rewarded, and that our community should have the power and opportunity to support all of YouNow’s talent. 



Shine Bright. 

YouNow will be introducing a new virtual currency called Diamonds. Broadcasters earn diamonds when they receive gifts during their broadcasts; they can exchange diamonds for bars in order to support other broadcasters on YouNow, or cash them out for money. Non-partners will be eligible to start earning diamonds upon program launch.

Let’s start earning

A broadcaster will earn diamonds each time a gift is received. The amount of Diamonds that you receive will be based on the value of the gift. 


Want to earn more diamonds?

The higher your broadcast tier, the more diamonds you can get per gift. You can achieve the next tier by broadcasting more, growing your audience, and connecting with the community. Learn more about broadcast tiers here.


Need some tips on how to level up your broadcast and bring in the love? Check out YouNow Academy for tips and tricks from the pros.