Partners and Diamonds Information


With the Diamond Program, YouNow Partners will continue to enjoy exclusive status and perks, including:

  • Higher revenue share 
  • Gold camera awarded by the editorial team for the consistency and quality of your content
  • Ability to earn more and more exclusive benefits via the Partner Star program
  • Personal support via the YouNow Partner Management team 


Shine Bright. 

YouNow will be introducing a new virtual currency called Diamonds. Following your broadcasts, you will begin to see your Diamond earnings, rather than your cash earnings. That’s because you now have a choice: cash out your earnings for dollars or exchange them in-app for Bars, which you can then use to further support the community. 


Exchanging Earnings for Bars.

Wait, what? Yes, YouNow’s introducing a long-demanded feature. Partners have regularly requested the ability to exchange earnings for Bars directly in the app. You will no longer need to wait to receive your earnings at the end of the month, and then turn around to buy Bars and gift your favorite broadcasters, and those that have been supporting you. Exchange Diamonds for Bars directly in-app. 


On-Demand Payments. 

With the introduction of Diamonds, you no longer need to wait until the end of the month for your payments. As long as you reach the required minimum, you can cash out whenever works best for you.

  • All Partners have the ability to “Cash Out All”, which allows Partners to cash out their entire available diamond balance at once when the amount of diamonds is between 750,000 (minimum requirement) and 150,000,000
  • You will have complete transparency to your own total earnings and available balance through your Diamond balance hub.


Diamonds’ worth. 

While any broadcaster can now earn on YouNow, the same perks and bonuses are exclusive to Partners. The amount of Diamonds you receive per gift will depend on the broadcaster’s tier and Partner status. In short, Partners earn more $$$. 


  • A Partner receives 30% more Diamonds per gift than someone with a 5 Star Broadcaster badge.