Market Yourself, Build a Brand

Market yourself like you are hosting a TV show! 


Here are some marketing tips: 

-Set a consistent schedule

-Let your friends, family, and other people in your network know when you’ll be live. 

-Get your peeps to show up. Remind them to join by talking about it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, billboards, TV commercials, carrier pigeons, megaphones, or whatever else you have access to.

-Use tools like Canva to design promo materials, thumbnails, and more, all tailored to your individual style! 



Build your Brand- What makes you stand out in a sea of thumbnails?

-Set the stage. Looking at a blank wall is boring 😴 Curate your background with fairy lights or your favorite art. Want to really transform your space? Check out our pro tip below on OBS. 


-HD streaming is a must. Camera angles are everything. 

-Foster your community by creating a fanbase nickname. That way, your fans know exactly what to chant to show their support. #teamYouNow

-Be yourself and have fun. Authenticity and happiness are contagious. If you’re having a good time, your audience will catch those vibes. 

-When your stream ends, show off your work! Send around your top moments and spread the word of your success. And don’t forget to remind everyone where and when they can tune into your next broadcast. 



Untitled_design.pngPro tip: Learn how to level up your broadcast background through OBS