The Community: How to become a leader

BE NICE! IT’S THAT EASY! Kindness and respect is contagious. Show your fans how cool it is to do so and the entire community will follow suit. 





-Treat people the same way you want to be treated.

  • Virtual interactions should be as respectful as IRL interactions. Cyberbullying is still bullying.
  • Acknowledge all your fans, big or small.
  • Your fans look up to you and will take your behavior as a baseline.

-Follow the rules. They’re there to ensure a good and safe experience for you and everyone else in the community. 

-Be firm with your boundaries. 

  • If someone is continuously asking for your personal information, please use our safety tools and reach out to our team. 

Save the drama for your mama….

-Ignoring the haters is your most powerful weapon

-Our community revolves around support and positivity. Instead of shaming people, help them learn and grow from their mistakes.

Be authentic and express yourself. Just be nice while doing so, because your friends will return love with love.


ABC.pngPro tip: Use the above advice on and off the platform. Remember, nothing you post on the internet ever goes away.