The Community: How to become a leader

BE NICE! IT’S THAT EASY! Kindness and respect is contagious. Show your fans how cool it is to do so and the entire community will follow suit. 





-Treat people the same way you want to be treated.

  • Virtual interactions should be as respectful as IRL interactions. Cyberbullying is still bullying.
  • Acknowledge all your fans, big or small.
  • Your fans look up to you and will take your behavior as a baseline.

-Follow the rules. They’re there to ensure a good and safe experience for you and everyone else in the community. 

-Be firm with your boundaries. 

  • If someone is continuously asking for your personal information, please use our safety tools and reach out to our team. 

Save the drama for your mama….

-Ignoring the haters is your most powerful weapon

-CANCEL “cancel culture”. Our community revolves around support and positivity. Instead of shaming people, help them learn and grow from their mistakes.

-Feel free to self-promote, but stay respectful by #NoSpamming 

Be authentic and express yourself. Just be nice while doing so, because your friends will return love with love.


ABC.pngPro tip: Use the above advice on and off the platform. Remember, nothing you post on the internet ever goes away.