Earn Likes Like a Pro

Are you a regular broadcaster, but feel like the likes aren’t flowing in as much as you might have hoped? Read tips below, and learn how to earn 💚.

-Love even harder. Make your supporters feel seen, appreciated, and special by showing gratitude in a unique way.  

-Highlight your supporters on the screen. Pros pin their top fan’s username to their broadcast

-Creating friendly competition for your top fans is fun for everyone, but be respectful of your supporters and don't put them in an uncomfortable position! 

Show your enthusiasm and say "thank you". Going above and beyond will differentiate your content, but at the end of the day, your audience simply wants to know you hear them and you care. Say thank you, gracias, merci, even arigato. Just be sure to say it!




ABC.pngPro tip: Not tech-savvy? No problem. Dig into your arts and crafts and create your own board.