How to handle drama and contact Trust and Safety

Some people just can’t help themselves. They live for the drama and see life as a competition. Not us, though. We’re allergic. In fact, we believe YouNow is a platform that should enable creators to encourage and lift up others in the community.

Our advice? Don’t feed into it. If the community knows that you won’t react, they won't even try. 

  • If you engage with an antagonist, they will take it as an invitation to just keep poking
  • Are they still poking you? #Report #Block #ByeFelicia 
  • Set broadcast referees to silence the noise as you stream.
  • Know your boundaries. No one has any right to pressure you for anything you're uncomfortable sharing. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise. 

We know that all of the above is easier said than done. Please remind yourself that those attempting to get under your skin have no power over you and your content. At the end of the day, a fire dies when you don’t feed it. 


If you feel like your drama is escalating, please contact

How to report a violation of Community Guidelines on YouNow* to Trust and Safety:

1. File one detailed report via our Help Desk: Only reports filed through this help desk will be addressed. Please do not spam report or file individual generic reports. This behavior just slows down the process.

2. Please include as much information as possible. The more information and context you provide, the quicker the team can act. Please include the following information:

-Information about the broadcast where the violation happened

- the broadcast title, the date/time of broadcast in EST, how far along in the broadcast when the infraction occurred

-Detailed description of the incident and how it's a violation of the community guidelines

-The username of the profile in which the violation occurred

-The username of the target of the violation (yourself or someone else in the community)

-Content showing the violation- this could be screenshots, links to captured moments, screengrabs/ recordings, etc


After filing a report via our Help Desk, we suggest you block the users to avoid any future issues. You can also consider blocking them on other social media sites.


Due to privacy restrictions, Trust and Safety will not disclose details about the specific enforcement action taken. However, Trust and Safety is required to review your report and take appropriate action if they find that a violation has occurred- this could be warnings, short term suspensions, long term suspensions, and in serious cases, removal from the platform.


*If violations are occurring on another social media platform, please contact that platform's support team for assistance.