Safety and YouNow


Reporting users to live moderation teams

Help us keep YouNow safe! If you notice inappropriate behavior, offensive conduct, or any other content that you believe violates YouNow's Community Rules or puts any member of the community at risk, you can report the user to our moderation teams by clicking on their username, tapping the ellipsis (three dots) and selecting ‘report.’ Then, please select the reason for reporting and add additional details in the comment box. When a user is reported, the flag goes to our live moderators who will review the situation and take action immediately as they see fit. Please only flag content that you genuinely deem inappropriate. Repetitive false flagging may result in a short suspension. Please feel free to contact us at for any feedback in regards to moderation policies, as well as safety issues, questions, or concerns. 


Broadcasting Safety Tools



  • Blocking a user will prevent a user from chatting with you, writing on your profile, fanning you, watching your broadcasts, and receiving notifications about you. You can block a user by clicking their username, then the ellipsis (three dots) on their mini-profile, and selecting ‘Block.’ If the blocked user was your fan, they will automatically be removed from your fan list.
  • To unblock someone, click on the user’s name in the chat or broadcast, click the ellipsis (three dots) and select “unblock,” or navigate to the user’s profile, click on the ellipsis (three dots) and select “unblock.”


Broadcast Referee

  • In order to provide broadcasters with more control of their broadcasts, they have the ability to appoint audience members as their personal broadcast referees. Users who are appointed as broadcast referees have the ability to silence users in the broadcast who are breaking any of our community rules and guidelines.
  • Broadcasters may appoint an audience member as a broadcast referee by clicking on their username in the chat, then clicking the ellipsis (three dots) and selecting ‘Assign broadcast referee.’ 

Silencing a user from chat

  • As a broadcaster, you can mute any user in your chat by clicking their username, then the ellipsis (three dots) on their mini-profile, and selecting ‘Silence from Chat.’ Silencing a user cannot be reversed within that broadcast, however, the silencing only lasts for the duration of your broadcast and the user will be able to chat in any future broadcasts unless you silence them again.
  • As a broadcaster, you also have the option to mute all users who are below level 2 or level 5 in your chat, depending upon your preference. To silence such users, click the Chat icon above your chat box and select the appropriate block of your choosing.