Commonly Asked OBS Questions


What bitrate should I use to stream?

We recommend that you always use 2,500 Kbps. This is the optimal bitrate whether you’re using Mac or PC, simulcasting, or using OBS for other purposes.


I have a slower internet connection, and my OBS stream is inconsistent. Any recommendations?

If you are using OBS on a slower internet connection and your viewers are seeing loading indicators, we recommend lowering your bitrate. This may reduce the video quality but will improve the consistency of your stream.  


Which version of OBS should I use?

We recommend you always use the latest version provided through OBS.


If I hear an echo from guests on my broadcast while using OBS, what should I do?

When using OBS, your computer's audio is captured and shared in your broadcast. As a result, your guests may hear themselves. To avoid this problem, we recommend that you install a special tool that lets you choose which individual applications are captured and broadcast by OBS. Find more details on how to do so here.