Can't find YouNow service on Mac

While we are waiting for the OBS project to officially add us, this could happen from time to time, which sucks. Very soon and this will stop being an issue. If you do run into it, this is what you should do:

0. Close OBS
1. In the dock - open Finder
2. Go to Applications
3. Right click OBS
4. Click Show Package Contents
5. Click Contents
6. Click Resources
7. Click Data
8. Click obs-plugins
9. Click rtmp-services
10. Select package.json and services.json
11. Right click on the mouse, and select Copy 2 Items (Bottom)
12. Open Finder again, and on your keyboard, press command-shift-G at the same time
13. Type ~/Library in the input box
14. Click Go
15. Click Application Support
16. Click obs-studio
17. Click plugin_config
18. Click rtmp-services
19. Right click mouse, and select Paste 2 Items
20. Start OBS
21. Click Settings
22. Click Stream
23. Look for YouNow service on the list
24. Profit
If you go through this tutorial and for some reason you're still running into issues please contact us at