How do I start a game of YouDraw?

If you are broadcasting on web or iOS, go to the tools menu and click on the pencil icon. You'll be asked to pick a word, and your audience will be asked if they want to spend Pearls.


I am on Android. Can I host a game of YouDraw?

No. You can play a game of YouDraw started on the web or iOS, but we do not currently have the ability for Android users to draw on YouDraw. That is coming soon.

Do I have to use Pearls to guess at YouDraw?

Yes, you do. You get free pearls for logging in every day, and you can use them to play YouDraw.


Where can I get more Pearls?

You can get Pearls for free as your daily login bonus. You can also buy Pearls with Gold Bars by going to your profile.


How much do I win?

You win double the Pearls you put up at the beginning of a round.

I came in midway through a round. Can I guess?

You can guess, but you won't win anything and you aren't part of the game. Wait until the next round so you can win and don't spoil the fun for everyone else!

I didn't get my Pearls after winning. What happened?

Please contact our support team here so they can assist you further.  


I am under 18. Can I play?

No. YouDraw is for ages 18 and older only.

Is this game legal in [country]?

YouDraw is designed with a US audience in mind that is over 18 years old.

Is YouDraw gambling?

No. You can play YouDraw for free with the daily Pearls reward, it takes a great deal of skill to win a round of YouDraw, and you do not win anything of value when you win as Pearls cannot be exchanged for money.

I am a guest. Can I draw?

No. Only a broadcaster can draw in YouDraw currently. We are planning on allowing guests to draw in a later release.

When will I be able to draw on Android?

Soon! It takes us a little longer to make sure things work properly on Android as there are thousands of device configurations we have to test.

Can I bet a different amount?

We currently have set amounts of Pearls per round. We are evaluating changing this in the future.

Why does the number of people who can win each round change?

The number of people who can win is based on the number of people who are playing. The more people who play, the more who can win!

What is the minimum number of people needed to play YouDraw?

You need two people guessing plus one person drawing at a minimum.

How do I guess?

Just type the word in chat! You can guess as many times per round as you want.

I guessed the right answer but I didn't win!

Keep in mind that spelling matters in this game, and so if you had a typo, you would not win. Second, other people may have guessed the word slightly faster than you.  

I saw someone cheat! What do I do?

There is a flag for people who cheat at YouDraw. In your reporting options, select "Games Cheating" as your reason and a moderator will take a look.