YouNow $1,000,000 Creator Fund Explained

YouNow, which has long enabled all broadcasters (and not just the pros) to earn money on its platform, has announced the creation of a new $1,000,000 Creator Fund. In addition to the millions of dollars it pays creators in revenue share, the Creator Fund will allow broadcasters who have partner status on the platform to receive up to $2,500 per month. 


“One of the things we wanted to do with this program is be really transparent about how you can earn money through our Creator Fund, which is something that you don’t see everywhere,” said Jon Brodsky, CEO of YouNow.


The path to earning money on YouNow involves how many gifts a broadcaster receives during a stream, which are represented on screen as ‘likes’. Eligible broadcasters must earn at least $75 in a month and get the following amounts of likes:





YouNow is one of the oldest live streaming video social media platforms, with over 55 million users worldwide. Unlike other major social media services, YouNow has no ads, does not sell user data, and does not have an algorithm that forces the most viral content onto someone’s feed.  Instead, YouNow’s unique gift-giving economy allows YouNow users to earn money from their first broadcast. YouNow’s streamers broadcast everything from video games to political commentary to make-up tutorials.