Guest broadcasting is only compatible with Chrome or Firefox. If you do not have the guest broadcasting feature available on your broadcast, it may be because you are using Safari or Internet Explorer. 

Flash or ad-blockers

YouNow does not have any advertisements, nor do we share any ad cookies with advertisers. We do, however, use technologies to provide live-streaming video and keep  our community secure. These technologies can occasionally get caught up by some ad-blockers, flash-blocker plugins, or settings in your browser that block cookies. If this happens, you may find certain features do not function correctly. To remedy this, please turn off these plugins or settings, or whitelist in your ad-blocker or flash-blocker plugin settings.

Camera or Microphone 

For web users:

  • Before you begin your broadcast, click "ALLOW" on the top of your browser.
  • In order to broadcast, your camera/microphone cannot be in use with another program on your computer. Before broadcasting, make sure to close out of Skype, Google Hangouts, or any other apps that are running that may utilize your computer’s camera/microphone.
  • If your issue persists, you may need to take the following steps:
    • Clear your browser from cache, cookies, etc., and restart your computer.
    • Open YouNow and log in.
    • Right click on the first broadcaster you see on your screen, and open Adobe Flash Player's settings.
    • Go to the camera tab and select the camera you want the player to use. Do the same with the microphone tab and put the volume slider at about 75%.
    • Close the settings. Click "Go Live" to begin broadcasting.
    • On the camera/mic setup screen, wave in front of your camera so that our system can detect it, and make sure that your mic gain is turned up.
    • If your webcam is not already selected as the desired camera, please choose it from the dropdown menu.
    • Click "Go Live!"


For mobile users:

If your mobile app crashes when you attempt to broadcast, it may be because YouNow needs permission to access your camera and/or microphone. To update these setting on your mobile device, go to Settings > YouNow > Privacy.