Chatting and Missing Messages


Different Languages

If you encounter an issue in which you cannot view certain chat entries, you have the ability to resolve this by changing your localization settings. 

YouNow users have the option to view content in a few different languages: English, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, German, or in a worldwide setting which includes all languages. When using the app, you will only see the chat of users who are set to the same language as your own. If you wish to see all content, however, you may set your localization to Worldwide, and you will see Trending Hashtags, Trending People, and chat entries from all languages. 


To set your language:

On Web: Locate the dropdown menu in the upper righthand corner of the page and select "Settings" and choose from options under "Localization Content."

On iOS or Android: When in the YouNow app, tap the avatar icon to access your profile. Once there, tap the gear icon --> "Localized Content" --> choose your desired setting.

Chat Cooldown 

During large broadcasts, we may limit the number of times each user can chat during a certain time period so that the chat box doesn't become congested.Chat freezes apply to all viewers of the broadcast, not just you.