Audio Only Broadcasting

Audio Only

Broadcasters who do not wish to be on camera while broadcasting have the option to ‘Turn off camera’ before and during their live stream. With Audio Only Broadcasting, you can opt out of video and still share your voice with your audience. This feature is available on both mobile and web, and all likes and gifts function as they normally would, whether your camera is on or off.


Starting an Audio Only Broadcast 

When going live, you will be given the option to turn your camera off. This will appear on the same page that prompts you to connect your socials. It is the last step before beginning your broadcast.

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When live, your profile picture will appear with a pulsing animation to indicate audio.


During your broadcast, you have the ability to turn your camera back on and switch to a regular broadcast with video. You can also switch back to audio only if you choose. Selecting the camera icon will switch your video on and off. 



When to stream without video 

There are lots of reasons you may not want to use your camera during a broadcast. Maybe you’re having a bad hair day. Maybe you want to preserve your privacy. No judgment here! 


Guesting with Audio Only

If you are broadcasting with audio only, you are still able to invite guests and your audience can raise their hands to join you as usual. Guests have the ability to join the stream with or without video, and can switch back and forth mid-stream. 


Trust & Safety Reminder

Even if you're not on video, all trust and safety rules still apply.