Bars & Gifts

Bars are the YouNow currency.

You can buy bars and use them to purchase bar-based gifts and stickers that help them engage with broadcasters and stand out from the crowd. 


Stickers are the icons that you see in the chat. You can send them to broadcasters during their shows. 


Bar-based gifts give you the ability to support broadcasters and become more visible to them. The bar-based gifts you can purchase include:

  • 50x thumbs-up: A gift that helps the broadcaster trend.
  • 50x thumbs-up on your own broadcast: Buying these helps your broadcast pick up traction.
  • Bars as Tips: Directly support partners.
  • Applause: A gift to show appreciation to the broadcaster's talent.
  • 400x thumbs-up: A gift that helps the broadcaster trend, even more than before.
  • And more! We are constantly adding new and exciting gifts. 

Super Gift will send a message to all live broadcasts in your locale

  • 60 seconds
  • Will be announced in every stream 
  • Users can join stream by clicking button in announcement stream 

When you give a gifts to a broadcaster, it shows your support and showers his or her broadcast with likes. Likes help broadcasts trend and can accumulate Experience Points for the broadcaster! 



Purchasing Bars

On the app:

  • Navigate to your YouNow profile by tapping the avatar icon. If you are on an iOS device, this icon is in the bottom right hand corner of your app's toolbar. If you are on an Android device, this icon is on the top of your screen.
  • Buy bars by tapping on the "Buy Bars" or "Buy More" icons on your screen.
  • Select which bundle works best for you and purchase through your iTunes or Google Play store! Please note that if you cannot make a purchase, you will have to set up purchasing options through your iTunes or Google Play account. You can also purchase bars by clicking the gift box in a broadcast and then tapping "Get Bars."

On the website:

You may purchase bars by hovering on your profile icon on the top-right-hand corner of the page. Then click "Get Bars." You can also purchase by clicking on the gift box in a broadcast and then clicking the "Get Bars" button.


Like Button

The like button provides a way for you to show your support to your favorite broadcaster. Likes can be sent by clicking the like button below the stream on web or above the stream on mobile, which can help your favorite broadcaster trend on YouNow. Each user can tap the like button a limited number of times per broadcast.