Managing Your Account


Deleting Your Account

Note that due to security reasons, you must go to the YouNow website ( on a desktop computer to terminate your account. When you terminate your account, you will be unable to reinstate it, and your fans, broadcasts, and activity will be permanently erased.

How to terminate your account:

1. On, hover over the dropdown menu in the upper-right-hand corner of the page (your profile photo icon) and select "Settings."

2. Navigate to "Privacy" and select "Terminate My Account."


Changing Your Name

While you are not able to remove your name from your profile, you can choose a new nickname.

If you're on a computer:

  • Locate the dropdown menu in the upper-right-hand corner of YouNow and select "Settings.
  • Change your nickname and hit "Save." *

If you are on a mobile device:

  • Tap the avatar icon of your YouNow app's tool bar.

  • From here, tap the gear icon to go to Edit Profile

  • Click on your URL and edit your nickname.*

If you'd like to replace your profile name with your nickname, check the box below the "Nickname" section.


Unfan a User

If you would like to unfan a user, navigate to the user’s profile or mini-profile by clicking/tapping their name or searching for their account. Then, click the avatar with a check mark on it.

If the reason you would like to unfan a user is because you are receiving too many notifications, you may instead choose to change your notification settings. To do this, simply navigate to your settings and then select "Notifications." From there, you can change your preferences.