Events FAQ

What are Events?

You know and love our YouNow challenges and events, and now it’s easier than ever to join in the fun! Events show current and past events that are running in the community, right in the YouNow app or on our homepage. Plus, Events allow us to make challenges even more exciting by including event leaderboards for you to track your progress and Groups. If an event has Groups, you’ll only be competing against people with a similar Broadcaster or Producer status!


Where can I find my Events?

iOS & Android: 

On Mobile you can find the Events on the Dashboard next to the Leaderboards or in any broadcast when opening the tools menu. 



Do Events track my progress before I join the Event?

No, you have to click the “Join” button to participate in the event and start tracking your progress.

Can I un-join an Event?

No. Once you join, you can’t unjoin. But, there is no penalty for joining an event and not having the time to participate.

How are Groups divided?

Groups are formed based on your current Producer and Broadcaster status. How the groups for a specific event are divided can vary; be sure to check out the information section of an event for the full details.

I leveled up- will my Group switch?
Once you join an event, you will remain in that Group for the duration of the event, even if you level up. For example, if you start an event in the 2nd Crown Producer group, but during the event you unlock your 4th Crown, you will continue to compete in your original group. The next challenge, you’ll be placed into the 4th Crown group.

How do I know my Group?

When joining an event, a pop-up will tell you your Group. Additionally, you will see your rank in the leaderboards when you select your Group.


I forgot to hit join, can I still compete?
You may join an event at any time before the event ends. However, your progress will only start counting once you join the event. We cannot retroactively add in progress. 


Will every event have a leaderboard?

No! We will be using the Events panel for a wide range of challenges, and not all will require leaderboards.


I won! Will I get my prize automatically? 

Every event is different. Be sure to check the information page of a specific event for details on prize distribution.