Props FAQs


Props Protocol has stopped distributing new Props Tokens to its partner apps, including YouNow.

YouNow has replaced Props Points with Experience Points (EXP). Experience Points will power the YouNow levels and rewards the same way as Props Points did, however, they will not be redeemable or have any link with Props Tokens. Levels, perks, and users’ YouNow experiences will not be affected in any way.

Verified users will be able to claim their Pending Props Tokens here before December 16th 2021.

The Props team, which is wholly separate from the YouNow team, is evolving its framework in order to maintain its compliance and regulatory status upon direction provided by the SEC.


Q: Will Props Tokens no longer exist? Are Props Tokens being removed from YouNow?

A: Props Tokens distribution will halt and Props will be removed from the YouNow app, but Props Tokens will continue to exist.


Q: Is Props chest going away when the Props Token distributions stop? 

A: No. The Props Chest has been renamed the Treasure Chest and will continue to exist as it has in the past. 


Q: If I claim the Props I have in my account will my level decrease?

A: You will not lose your levels if you claim your Props.


Q: How do I claim my pending Props?

A: Visit and follow instructions to connect your ERC-20 Wallet and claim your pending Props before December 16th 2021.


Q: Do I need to disconnect my wallet?

A: You can still keep your wallet linked. If you do choose to disconnect your wallet, you will not lose your levels. 


Q: What are Props going to be doing going forward? 

A: For any questions on the future of the Props Protocol, specifically, please reach out to