Manage your subscriptions

  • YouNow users have the ability to subscribe to some of their favorite broadcasters for exclusive content and perks. Please note that subscriptions are only available to certain partners.
  • To manage your subscriptions or update your payment method for existing subscriptions, navigate to the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner on your profile page. Click “Settings,” then select “Subscriptions.” You’ll see your subscriptions and the date you will next be billed for each. Use the “Modify Subscription” and “Edit Payment Information” links to cancel your subscription or change your payment method.   
  • If you purchased your subscription with Google Play or the Apple Store, navigate to your settings within the app store to update your payment information.
  • If you are on a mobile device, tap the avatar icon on the app's toolbar. From here, tap the gear icon and then tap "Subscriptions." From here you can cancel your subscription.


Subscription Payments

  • Subscriptions compensations will now be paid by Diamonds in real time
  • These payments will be noted in your transaction history, and labeled as such
  • All exchange and cash out rules still apply