Manage your subscriptions

  • YouNow users have the ability to subscribe to some of their favorite broadcasters for exclusive content and perks.
  • To manage your Subscriptions: 
    • Mobile: Go into your settings and select “Subscriptions.” You’ll see a list of your subscriptions and when you’ll be charged again in order for the subscription to continue. To cancel your subscription or change your payment method,  use the “Modify Subscription” and “Edit Payment Information” links.
    • Web: Click on your Profile in the upper right corner and select “Subscriptions”. 
  • If you purchased your subscription with Google Play or the Apple Store, navigate to your settings within the app store to update your payment information.
  • If you are on a mobile device, tap the avatar icon on the app's toolbar. From here, tap the gear icon and then tap "Subscriptions." From here you can cancel your subscription.

Bar Subscriptions:

  • Bar Subscription is a new type of subscription that rewards you for monthly subscriptions to our bar packages.
  • With every purchase, you will receive free bars and exciting rewards instantly.
  • Your subscription will continue until cancellation, which is immediate and will not result in further charges.
  • If you choose to cancel a subscription package, you can resubscribe once the subscription period is over. 
  • Each bar package can only be subscribed to once at a time. 
  • Currently, bar subscriptions can only be purchased or canceled on the web. 


Broadcaster Subscriptions

  • Non-Partners with 3+ blue stars can be subscribed to and can upload 2 subscription stickers. Non-Partners will receive $2 in Diamonds per monthly subscription.
  •  Partners can upload 6 stickers with the ability to unlock additional slots when they hit 50, 150, and 400 subscribers. Partners will receive $2.60 in Diamonds per monthly subscription.