How do I become a YouNow partner?

Any user can earn Partnership status through community, collaboration, and consistency! 

Our current minimum criteria to be considered for Partnership:

  • 15 average concurrent viewers for the majority of broadcasts
  • Minimum of 8 unique broadcast days per month
  • Minimum of 15 broadcast hours per month
  • Minimum of $100 in total lifetime earnings 
  • Minimum of 1,500 fans 
  • No major Community Rule violations. Please read the YouNow community guidelines

You can check your viewership stats any time by visiting or by checking the analytics section of!

Ready to apply? Fill out your application here!


Are you a content creator from another platform like TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram? We'd love for you to stream with us! Multi-platform audiences will only serve to increase your earning potential. If this is you, apply for our influencer track to partnership here


Partnership and Content Language

When you gain partnership status, you are tied to that specific community. For example, a partner who is partnered in English is part of the EN community. If you’d like to switch communities, we will first have to remove your partnership status, and then you’ll have to meet the requirements for becoming a partner in your new community.

Also, this will mean:

- You’ll no longer be eligible for any bonuses, competitions, leaderboards, EC, or any other perks you enjoyed from your original community

- If you do not meet the requirements for becoming a partner in your new community, we will not reinstate your previous status