Screen Share

You can now share your screen on iOS! 

To find Screen Share, open the Creator Tools menu while broadcasting. 



You can choose if you want to share your device audio, or just hear your voice. 

Warning: With the share audio option, your viewers will always hear your device’s sound. You will not be able to mute your broadcast, even if you lower your device’s volume to zero.


Once you are ready, click the black button to start sharing your screen.


To stop sharing your screen, go back to the YouNow app, and press the stop sharing button.



If I’m sharing my screen, will users see my face?

Users will be able to see you only while you're in the YouNow app and if you have your camera enabled. Once you navigate outside of YouNow, viewers will only see the last frame captured by your camera. 


How loud is the screen sharing audio?

The volume is static and around 80% of the maximum volume.


How loud is the broadcaster audio?

The broadcaster is around 20% louder than the screen sharing audio so the broadcaster can be heard clearly.