Updated Producer Program


What is changing in the Producer Program?

Starting December 1st, 2021, YouNow will be implementing a number of changes to the producer program:

-Likes requirements are dropping for the Producer Program

-the duration of Producer Program perks are reducing from 1 month to 2 weeks

-New Perks are being added for Platinum Crowns

-The chart of specifications around the new requirements is below:


Why is the Producer Program changing?

By lowering the requirements we are making it easier to become a Red Crown Producer while rewarding our Platinum Crown Producers who spend consistently with new perks. Our revamped Program is focused on rewarding those Producers who participate in our community on a regular basis while slashing the price to get a Crown by a minimum of 50%. 

-For example, the first Red Crown used to require a send of 120,000 Likes. Now, you only need to send 15,000 Likes to unlock the first Red Crown! 


How is the time period in which I can unlock Crowns changing?

Before today, users had a calendar month to unlock Crowns and the perks that come along with the status. Because we are lowering the requirements to unlock Crowns, we will also be shortening the time period that users have to do so. Users will now be required to reach the minimum threshold within the two week cycle (1st of the month - 15th, 15th - end of month) in order to unlock a specific Crown.


How long will my Crown/Perks last? 

All perks (including the appearance of the Crown on your profile) will last for two weeks past the initial two week cycle in which you’ve met the Likes requirement. In order to maintain your status and perks past this period, you must reach the Likes requirement once again in the second 2 week cycle.

-For example, if you send 15,000 Likes between December 1st and December 15th, and then less than 15,000 Likes between December 15th to December 31st, your 1st Red Crown will last until December 31st.  


How do I unlock the new Room Entrance feature, and what does it do?

By unlocking the Platinum Crown, you will also unlock the Room Entrance feature. The Room Entrance feature is an exciting animation that lets the entire broadcast know that you have arrived! 



There are different Room Entrance visuals depending on which Platinum Crown you unlock:


1 Platinum Crown: Lion Room Room Entrance

2 Platinum Crown: Ferrari Room Entrance (Or Lion, if preferred) 

3 Platinum Crown: Work with our design team to create a custom Room Entrance! (Redesigns will only be permitted after 6 months of the original custom design) 


If you wish to not use this perk, you can choose to disable the Room Entrance Animation in your Privacy  settings.




How do I unlock the updated Avatar Border feature, and what does it do?

Unlock the Avatar Border feature by unlocking Platinum Crowns!