How do I use the new Partner Star perks?

Permanent Referee

-Unlock with 2 Star Partner Status 

-Select and manage permanent broadcast referees that will not be reset once the broadcast ends. 

-Assign a Permanent Referee: During the broadcast, select a user in the chat or audience list and open their more actions drop down to select ‘Assign as Permanent Referee’.

assign_referee_in_room.png.             assign_referee_stream.png


-If you are not currently broadcasting, assign someone by finding their profile, opening their more actions drop down and selecting ‘Assign as Permanent Referee’. 


assign_referee_setting.png.          assign_referee_on_profile.png

-If you lose your 2 Star status, you will lose your permanent referee perk. This means they will go back to only being able to use temporary broadcast referees and will no longer see the options for permanent referees.


-Permanent Referee Filter: If you have referees live in your broadcast (Temporary or Permanent), the Referee filter will appear on web, iOS and android audience lists. This allows you to quickly view and manage referees in your broadcast. Only you see the referee filter.


-Manage your Permanent Referees in Settings: Once you reach 2 Star Status, you can manage your Permanent Referees in the Permanent Referee list in your Settings page.



Treasure Chest Multiplier 

-Unlock starting at 3 Star Partner Status 

-Increase the EXP pool reward to your audience when the chest is opened depending on how many stars you have unlocked and which multiplier is active.


Star 3 = +50%

Star 4 = x2

Star 5 = x3

Star 6 = x4

Star 7 = x5



Highlighted Chat 

-Unlocked with 3 Star Partner Status 

-Chat text will be highlighted yellow. If you are also a high-level producer the highlighted chat and producer border will both appear on their chats.


-If you lose your 3 Star status, your chat text will no longer be highlighted.