What do I get for earning crowns?

Red & Platinum Crowns recognize the YouNow community’s biggest supporters and unlock exclusive rewards for those who earn them.





Personalized Stickers - You may only receive one static sticker and one animated sticker.

Happy Sunday (Bonus Web Bars) - Every Sunday EST all bar purchases made through our web store will offer bonus bars. These bonus bars will be distributed to your account the following business day.

Personalized Animated Gift - You may only receive one gift from this perk. After receiving your gift you may earn additional gifts through the Personalized Animated Gift Update perk.

Partner Protection - If you or any other partners fail to meet the partnership criteria you may keep your status and also offer this protection to others. Partners must be in good standing with YouNow's Trust & Safety and follow all guidelines

Reserve EC - Nominate yourself or another broadcaster to Editor's Choice for one producer cycle.

Banner - After earning Platinum 3 a banner with your name will be displayed for everyone to see.