Sub Only & Trending Boost Perks

Trending Boost:

Located in the Activities Menu in any broadcast, the Trending Boost allows you to support your favorite broadcasters in a whole new way!

When you send the Trending Boost to a broadcaster an animation will display on the broadcast for everyone to see and will also boost the broadcasters ranking on the explore page.


How do I unlock Trending Boost?

  • By reaching Platinum 4!

How many times can I use the Trending Boost?

  • Platinum Crown 4 can use the Trending Boost 2 times per day.
  • Platinum Crown 5 can use the Trending Boost 5 times per day.

Does sending a Trending Boost automatically put somebody into trending?

  • No, using the Trending Boost does not automatically move a broadcaster into Trending.

Can I use the Trending Boost on myself?

  • Yes you can!

Can I use the Trending Boost multiple times on the same broadcaster?

  • Yes! Each time you use the Trending Boost it will further increase the broadcasters rank on the explore page.

Sub Only:

Sub Only mode allows you to start a broadcast that only your most dedicated fans can enter! This feature is unlocked for Platinum Crowns 4 & 5 and will give you the choice of either starting a public broadcast or Sub Only broadcast within the go live flow.


Who can enter my Sub Only broadcast?

  • Only users who have subscribed to you will be able to enter

What will happen if a non subscriber attempts to enter my broadcast?

  • They will be unable to see your broadcast or chat unless they subscribe to you.

Are moments viewable by non subscribers?

  • Moments and auto moments are disabled in Sub Only broadcasts

Will replays be viewable by non subscribers?

  • Replays of your Sub Only broadcasts will only be viewable by subscribers.

What if I have not unlocked subscribers?

  • We have added a perk for Platinum 3 and above users to be automatically partnered. This ensures your account will have unlocked subscribers and be able to use the feature.